Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Released Apps

I have been looking into the ecosystem of Apple App store. How do Apps change the lifes of App users? How do App developers design, develop and promote innovative Apps? The followings are some of the Apps I have released in App store.

iTP Time Pressure Meter + To Do List

(Trackable memo App supporting your multiple iPhone/iPad/iPod)

Home Messenger
(Simple messenger for communication between your multiple iPhone/iPad/iPod)

(Find the resonance rate between partners through drawing)

(Draw funny and unique pictures)

Snow Pearl
(Animated painting: Girl with A Pearl Earring)

Portrait of War in Japan - Siege of Osaka
(Tactile eBook about the final war of Japan warring states period)

Hong Kong Christmas Shopping Centre Decoration 2011
(Photo gallery of Christmas decorations in Hong Kong)

My Participated Projects

I have participated in a number of interesting projects, The major ones are related to Grid computing, Cloud storage, and online collaborative learning.
  • CloudNCFS (2010-11). CloudNCFS is a file system that utilizes network-coding and erasure-coding to distribute files over mutiple Cloud storages (e.g. Amazon S3 and Rackspace). It provides fault tolerance with low repair cost. I have designed and developed the CloudNCFS software package, together with my team members. The package is written in Python and C.
  • eLogbook project (2007-08). eLogbook is a Web 2.0 application developed at EPFL in the framework of the Palette European Project. It aims at sustaining collaboration and cooperation for online communities and can simultaneously serve as activity management, social networking and resources sharing system. In this project, I have conducted system design based on activity theory as well as usability analysis, together with my team members. The tools used in the project include Ruby on Rails, and MySQL.
  • Palette project  (2007-08). The Palette project aims at design and develop a European community-based online collaborative learning platform. Towards this aim, an interoperable and extensive set of learning services as well as scenarios of use have been designed, implemented, and validated in several learning communities. In the project, I have looked into and developed the methodology for service interoperability, together with many researchers from several European institutions. In the collaborative learning platform, the learning services are interoperated through RESTful Web services and OpenID.
  • Dynamic Policy Management Framework (DPMF) for Authorization Management in Inter-Grid Environments (My PhD project) (2003-07, 09). Grid computing enables computers on different networks to share their resources in an organized way. Authorized users can deploy the resources as if they were in the same organization. The DPMF is used to support inter-Grid heterogeneous policy management. I have designed, developed and analyzed the framework and middleware. The related issues consist of virtual communities, policy schema, policy mapping, access control, and load balance. The key mechanisms of the framework includes: virtual cluster, conflict analysis, and heterogeneous policy mapping. Tools used in the project includes Globus toolkit (for Grid service development), and Java.

My Publications

I have conducted research on: mobile agent computing, distributed computing, Grid computing, Cloud computing, and online collaborative learning.
  • Yuchong Hu, Chiu-Man Yu, Yan Kit Li, Patrick P. C. Lee, and John C. S. Lui. "NCFS: On the Practicality and Extensibility of a Network-Coding-Based Distributed File System". Proceedings of the 2011 International Symposium on Network Coding (NETCOD 2011), Beijing, China, July 2011.
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